Who We Are

We Believe in Authentic Community

EOE is a 501 (c) 3 organization that is headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana. We strive to make local and international impact through community service and events.

EOE was created to meet the needs of internationals for inclusion, diversity, professional development, and transition to a new community. Our mission is lived out as people come together to help transform lives and bridge the gap between cultures.


Locally, EOE strives to build community and relationships that transform lives. We do this by creating an atmosphere that is welcoming to all.


Internationally, EOE partners with organizations across the globe to provide for various needs. This collaboration allows us to help improve the quality of life for those undergoing hardship.


We raise awareness for our cause with our annual fundraisers, newsletter, and social media.

Abisha Gross
Executive Director

Abisha is the Executive Director and Founder of Ends of the Earth Outreach, and she has served in this role since 2014. After graduating from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, she spent nine years working as an engineer in the orthopedic industry. Abisha also served as an Audio Visual Director for MissionPoint Community Church. In 2019, she began doing non-profit work full-time for EOE. She also runs a small business called Back to Eden.

Abisha resides in Warsaw, Indiana, with her husband. She enjoys spending time with family, helping others, running, and golfing.

Jacob Gross

Jake has been on the board of Ends of the Earth Outreach since 2015 and has also served as the organization’s Treasurer since 2016. In addition, Jake helps develop new products for a local medical device manufacturer. He enjoys the opportunity to be part of an organization that impacts others both locally and internationally.

Jeff Glock
Board President

Jeff has retired from a career in orthopedic sales and marketing, and his focus now is on serving others and living a Christ-centered life. Jeff and his wife, Deb, have been married for thirty-two years, and they have three children and one granddaughter. When he's not helping with EOE, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and golfing.

Anne Young
Board Vice President

Anne has taught English as a Second Language for twelve years, facilitated numerous events, and currently serves as the Lead Safety Coordinator at the YMCA. She constantly seeks to help people grow, feel connected, and be an active part of their community. She is passionate about bridging cultural gaps so that differences do not become obstacles for relationships.

Anne works to encourage and engage her community with compassion. She leverages her experience as an event coordinator to help plan and execute fundraisers and other events for EOE. Nothing brings her greater joy than knowing she has helped even just one person feel more comfortable and connected in a new place.

Anne and her husband reside in Warsaw, Indiana, where they enjoy spending time with their four adult children. She also enjoys multiple aspects of being an amateur cyclist, including the discipline of training, the thrill of riding in new places, and the challenge of racing.

Mark Schindel
Advisory Board Member

Mark Schindel is the CEO, Co-Founder and a Board Member of Owl Manor Medical, LLC, a medical device company. His experience spans domestic and international marketing, sales, business development (M&A), strategic planning, and project management across start-up, early-stage, and established corporate environments. Mark has worked in numerous life science, biotech, and medical device industries, including Roche, Biomet, Zimmer, and Tornier (Wright Medical). He received a bachelor's degree from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University.

Mark is highly interested in leveraging his experience with products and businesses that provide innovative solutions for both human and animal patients. He appreciates the opportunity to continue to learn and be a part of altruistic outreach efforts.

Mark resides in Warsaw, Indiana, with his wife, two kids, and dog. He enjoys the outdoors, fitness, and music.

Adam Turner
Advisory Board Member

Adam currently serves on the Advisory Board for EOE. In 2011, he joined Valentine Law Office and later became a founding partner of Turner Valentine, LLC in 2012. He, his wife Jessica, and his two daughters live in Winona Lake, Indiana, — Adam’s hometown. He is an alumnus of Lakeland Christian Academy.

Ryan Srogi
Advisory Board Member

Ryan has spent all of his life around aircraft. He fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a US Navy Fighter Pilot and flew F-18s off aircraft carriers. Ryan continued in the Navy where his leadership, problem-solving, and operational skills were honed through many extremely demanding challenges. He later answered God's call to step away from the military and move to the hometown of his wife, Rachel. Ryan and Rachel have been married for sixteen years and enjoy traveling and other adventures along with raising their three children. Ryan is currently using his skillset to serve EOE as an advisor to promote its many endeavors to serve.

Mary Crane
Board Secretary

Mary serves as the EOE Board Secretary. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has served in this field for over twenty-five years and is currently the owner of Nutritional Medical Consulting. She practices Integrative Nutrition, which provides targeted plans to help clients achieve vibrant health.

Mary enjoys the diversity of the people on the EOE board and the hunger they have to see hearts transformed.

Mary resides in Warsaw, Indiana, with her husband of eighteen years. She enjoys cycling, running, and walking. She loves crafting her own recipes for healthy new dishes and having conversations over tea with friends.

Deb Glock
Board Member

Deb has spent the majority of her life in the educational realm. From teaching junior high and high school science to homeschooling her three children, Deb has a passion for quality education. Now retired with her husband of thirty-two years, she enjoys spending time with her family, babysitting her first granddaughter, playing golf, reading, and continuing to invest in education and helping those in need. Deb faithfully serves on the EOE board and seeks to uphold its mission of reaching all people with love, community, and truth.

Angie Folkenroth
Board Member

Angie Folkenroth serves as a Board Member for EOE and is a part of its Fundraising Committee. She has participated in the Warsaw fundraising auctions for three years, and last year, she hosted one in her hometown of York, Pennsylvania! Outside of EOE, Angie works as a manufacturing engineer and enjoys repurposing furniture, and spending time with her fiance and three chihuahuas!

Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing I’ve helped even just one person feel comfortable and connected in a new place.


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